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Strengthening the Implementation of Traffic Rules and Regulations in Ozamiz City

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The advent of technology highly contributes the traffic situation in Ozamiz City. One of the technology’s products are motorcycles, vehicles, etc. In Ozamiz City, the people are already living with motorcycles, vehicles, etc. They depend mostly on their vehicles for their transportation. Because of this, the traffic situation in our city is getting worse. As the number of vehicles have increased multiple cases of traffic violations have increased as well. Most of the drivers’ lack discipline which may lead to accidents not only to the drivers but also to the residents.

Our group aims to strengthen the implementation of traffic rules and regulations in Ozamiz City to provide safety to the pedestrians, commuters, drivers, etc. since the traffic is uncontrollable, our group decided to propose to the local government unit of Ozamiz City that traffic lights must be installed because this is a big help to lessen the heavy traffic and accidents that may occur. In line with our project, we would like to ask the local government to provide seminars for drivers, pedestrians and traffic enforcers. Also, for the commuters and pedestrians, we will be providing infographics for them to be guided about the traffic rules and regulations for their safety.

According to the Department of Transportation, the traffic lights at the road intersections are very essential for the drivers and pedestrians. It effectively controls the traffic. We must follow these signals at all times. The red light signifies that the drivers need to fully stop their vehicle. Keep in mind that crossing or stopping beyond the stop line and or beating the red light is an offence. You must not move until the light turns green. The yellow light signifies CAUTION. It gives us a signal to be ready to stop or go. The green signifies GO through the intersection carefully and slowly. A flashing red light signifies that you must come to a full stop and may proceed only when the road is clear. The scope of our project is to reach the local government unit of Ozamiz City to help us realize our project.

We will be requiring the local government of Ozamiz to come up with funds for the installation of traffic lights in the streets of Ozamiz City.  We will also be using Facebook page, twitter account, Website and petition to promote and gain support from the people.

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