Revoke 24 hours One way introduced at INDU RUB - reintroduce 2 way in the morning hours

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a)      Before the introduction of 24 hour one way system, at INDU RUB, the travel time to cross  RUB is close to 15 minutes in the morning peak hours.  After the introduction of the 24 hours one way system, now it is anywhere between 35-45 minutes to cross the RUB. This is the situation even at 12:00 pm and after 12:00 pm, it is around 10 -15 minutes now, compared to 1-2 minutes  earlier to cross RUB. 

b)      Currently the traffic which is going unidirection below RUB near the Christian Cemetery towards Cyber towers just can’t handle the traffic  from all sides. Before the introduction of one way, this RUB used to handle the traffic only coming from 1 / 2  sides  & now it has to handle traffic from all directions & it can't handle this load. .   c)       As you know there is drain water / rain water which is passing through the RUB near the Christian Cemetery,  causing the traffic to move very  slow as 2 wheelers slow down to maintain balance in the water so as even 4 wheelers need to slow down, so that the water won’t splash on two wheelers.  This is a compounding problem which is further slowing down the movement of  traffic. 

Please go back to 2 way traffic near INDU RUB. Police Constables need not stand near the stinking water, but slightly away from Vasantha city Junction.