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Help STOP the illegal trade of wildlife

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  • 96 elephants will be killed for their ivory tusks to be turned into jewellery and ornaments
  • 3 rhinos will die for their keratin horn to become a status symbol
  • 4 tonnes of Pangolin scales were recently seized, found hidden in a cargo labelled ‘sliced plastic’ representing approximately 6,000 African Pangolins

This needs to stop! It is the greatest threat to the future to all our most endangered species such as rhinos, tigers, elephants, pangolins and tragically, many more. To think that people make money and goods out of this is just disgusting. By signing this petition and by downloading the wildlife witness app by Taronga Zoo you will be saving the lives of innocent animals in the wild.

The wildlife witness app is an app where if you witness any abuse, trafficking, or poaching of animals you can report it on the app, then your location pops up on the map and the TRAFFIC can capture the information and stop the poachers, traffickers and illegal traders.

Therefore “lend your eyes to the wild” and stop killing animals for their skin and stop trafficking and selling endangered animals by signing this petition and downloading the Wildlife Witness app now!

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