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Tractor Supply - Stop Selling Chicks & Ducklings During Easter

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Tractor Supply,

My heart dropped when my next door neighbor's daughter ran over to me with a baby chick in her hands.  Her mom followed and exclaimed happily, "We knew you didn't want us to buy bunnies for Easter so we got chicks instead!"  My campaign to end the sale of animals as Easter gifts had failed these seven chicks that this family took home from Tractor Supply.  Seven lives were now at risk. 

In recent years, Tractor Supply has pledged to no longer sell rabbits during Easter but still continues to sell chicks and ducklings.  While Tractor Supply says it sells a minimum of seven chicks to deter Easter giving, they are still selling these animals to people looking to gift them to their children on Easter morning.  I have personally called my local Tractor Supply, pretending to be a parent looking for a live animal to give my children for Easter, and they told me that they had chicks and ducklings available for this purpose.

Tractor Supply, it is time for you to extend the same courtesy you gave the rabbits to chicks and ducklings.  The majority of people buying these animals are uneducated and see these beings as commodities, rather than living, breathing animals.  Chicks and ducklings deserve a chance to have a real home where they are loved and cared for, just as much as a rabbit does.  Please stop selling chicks and ducklings during Easter at your stores (Or at all!). 


The #NotJust4Easter Campaign and the undersigned...


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