Reopen Andrej Udovicic case, ruled suicide. He was murdered.

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My son was shot in chest with rifle on 5/15/216. He died from bleeding out. Rifle was hidden in the trees, body was moved. Bathroom door was broken and blood all over his studio apartment. Bath tub was full of blood same as a bathroom floor. Bullet went through matrasses than through the floor. He had fresh bruises on his body. Please watch video and read about this at google Andrej Udovicic WSBTV , Shooting at Lilburn Apartment, and much more

I hired private detective who disagree with authorities decision that was suicide. I also hired Medical Examiner to give me second opinion Dr. Sperry who is well known and great in what he does. He said that was suspicious death, premature ruling, and poor investigation, Case was closed to fast.

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Zdenka Udovicic