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Remove Seaworld Dolphin Trainer Barbie from your shelves

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Remove Seaworld Dolphin Trainer Barbie from your shelves

As the mother of an 8 year old daughter, I think it is highly unethical to be offering a toy for children that is based on the suffering of captive Dolphins held at Seaworld marine parks. 

Dolphins use echolocation to guide them through water in the wild, and to be housed in concrete tanks it causes great stress and suffering, as someone living in a room full of mirrors would feel, disoriented and confused. 

Dolphins also are highly family oriented, and when they are moved from their families it causes such damage, they usually are not housed with dolphins of their own family, or pod, and since each pod has their own distinct vocalizations, communication and socialization within the tanks are strained at best. 

Seaworld also conducts a captive breeding program, where dolphins and orcas are impregnated much earlier than they would have been in the wild, causing these orcas and dolphins to give birth to stillborn babies which causes the mother dolphins terrible, visible grief. Also a form of cruelty. 

Children need to be taught compassion for animals, and those animals that cannot defend themselves our children should be taught to come to their aid, as they would with a bully in school. 

This Seaworld Dolphin Trainer doll in our estimation, does not teach compassion for animals, it simply speaking teaches domination over an animal, that performs silly tricks in order to be fed anti-biotic, antacid and medication laced dead fish to avoid being hungry. 

Dolphins are highly-intelligent, family-oriented, sensitive, sentient animals that need to swim free in their own watery world of the ocean, not kept prisoner in a Seaworld tank for the entertainment of human visitors to their parks for the sole purpose of the bottome 

We the undersigned, request that you remove the Seaworld Dolphin Trainer Barbie from your shelves, in order for you to send the correct message to your patrons of what you, as a company, value.


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