Help stop development and destruction of natural wildlife habitat on 201st!

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The property in jeopardy is located in the 3800 block of 201 street in beautiful Brookswood. This property is an untouched, fully treed, irregular shaped parcel sitting on the ravine with Andersen creek running along the property. It was purchased by a family decades ago with the intent to preserve the beauty of this land. Since being inherited the family's adult children are now trying to cash in.

The residents of this neighborhood purchased their homes for the beauty this area had to offer and this will impact us all. Please join us in helping stop the destruction of this animal habitat and the beauty of our neighborhood.

Development of PID #006-361-714 would:

-Require removal of many trees; environmentally devastating
-Disrupt wildlife
-Require massive amounts of fill, dump trucks/heavy machinery
-Compromise Andersen Creek & it's habitat as well as the the ravine
-Damage to the current roadway
-Possibly devalue current homes
-Tree falling, heavy machinery required will disrupt the neighborhood
-Narrow street with no room for construction
-Increased criminal activity due to construction site