Upgrading of stop signs at 6th line and 30 side road in Utopia

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The Problem?

After numerous car accidents at the corner of the 6th Line and the 30th side road of Utopia, we would like to have upgraded stop signs installed. The 6th Line is a thoroughfare, and the 30th side road is a full stop. Due to the construction for the widening of County Road 90, extra traffic is occurring on the 30th side road.

People are in a rush these days. Many of the people who are travelling across the 30th side road barely come to a stop at the 6th. Many have driven right through the stop sign. 

On the 23rd of April, at 6:50 am, my daughter was travelling to work. As she approached the 30th side road, where she had the right of way, a truck travelling  east on the 30th went straight through the stop sign without slowing down or stopping, and crashed into her car. Her car was totalled, and she suffered soft tissue damage, a concussion, as well as what has been diagnosed as PTSD. If not for all the airbags that deployed in her car, her injuries would have been much worse. The driver of the truck admitted he didn't stop, and was subsequently charged. 

While retrieving all of my daughter's belongings out of her car at the auto shop, we spoke with a gentleman there, who told us about a car accident that occurred at the same spot less than a month earlier. The people in the car travelling on the 6th were air lifted to a hospital in Toronto where they are still recovering from their injuries. The cars involved in that accident were still at the auto shop waiting to be dealt with.

These are only two examples of accidents that have occurred there, and do not take into consideration the numerous near misses that have happened.

The solution?

We are requesting that a larger stop sign with a flashing light be installed on both sides of the 30th side road at the 6th Line. The addition of speed bumps 50m before the stop sign would help "remind" people there is a stop coming up. We are also asking that signs indicating a stop sign is coming up be added to both sides of the 30th side road. Finally we are asking that something be placed on each side of the 30th side road indicating that cars travelling on the 6th Line have right of way.

The Consequences?

If change is not taken to upgrade the stop signs and make people pay attention to stopping at this stop sign, someone is actually going to be killed. It should not be necessary for a death to occur before something is done about this intersection. 

The addition of stop signs on the 6th will not stop people from running these stop signs, merely make them more reckless, with the assumption people travelling on the 6th will stop for them. The solution has to be on the 30th side road, not the 6th.

There is every chance that once the construction on County Road 90 is completed, many people will go back to using 90 as a means of getting from point A to B, eliminating a lot of the potential accidents, but there is no guarantee. It makes more sense to upgrade the Stop signs, add the speed bumps, and avoid any further accidents.

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