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Petition to stop the proposed building of a detox structure at 362 Middlesex Ave.     

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This petition is to stop the proposed building of a detox/ rehabilitation structure at 362 Middlesex Ave, Wilmington, MA. 

 We greatly recognize the epidemic that faces not only our community, but communities everywhere. The reality is that there is a desperate need for these facilities. Because of the direct impact addiction has caused in our lives, many of us would support the creation of a Detox facility in Wilmington, BUT in a different location so that it does not negatively impact the residential neighborhoods of Wilmington.

 It is our strong position there are multiple options in Wilmington, which are already properly zoned, that should be considered, and is our intent to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to find a solution. Our goal is to help people without hurting others.

In saying this, we, as residents of the great Town of Wilmington, are in strong opposition of the proposed building of an alcohol/opiate detox center, which will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at 362 Middlesex Ave., and that residential neighborhoods, such as ours, are not appropriate locations for detox centers like this one.  As research shows, we the undersigned wholeheartedly agree that this type of business at this location will directly and negatively impact the families of North Wilmington in the following way:·      

·       Residents would see an 8%-17% decrease in value to their property and homes. For a $450,000 home, this would be a loss between $36,000 and $76,500.

·       Because those checked-into this center can check themselves out at anytime of the day and night and walk out the front door, there will be an increase risk to non violent crimes within our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

·       Neighbors quality of life will be significantly compromised due to vehicle traffic at all hours of the day and well into the night from ambulance and police sirens, diesel engines, dumpster collection trucks, food and linen delivery vehicles, employee vehicles, etc.

·       This facility will also bring in unwarranted out of town traffic into our neighborhoods for an increase risk of illegal activities.

·       Many residents are emergency responders and medical professionals, who work directly with patients and their families 8 to 24 hours a day, who suffer substance use disorders and understand the difficulties of the detoxing process.

·       Should this business shut down, we’re concerned that the structure would cause a “hardship” case for the property owner, limiting what types of businesses could utilize the existing site, and giving weight to a possible argument to rezone to Central Business Usage. Currently, the lot and the surrounding business properties are all zoned General Business.

·       Beyond the neighborhood residents, this location isn’t satisfactory for the people suffering from addiction either. From the front windows of this proposed detox center, one would be able to see a bar and store that sells alcohol.

 In October 2016, Planning Board Director, Valerie Gingrich, had a meeting with residents to inquire how residents would like to see our area developed. Residents were very vocal and strongly felt it was imperative that current zoning restrictions should go unchanged, and that quality of life and property values of residents should be priority and maintained with any future development. The location of a detox center on this site does not support this view.

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