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Stop The Building Of The Westport MA Slaughterhouse!

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The Town of Westport should highly consider changing the town name to “Town Of Animal Cruelty & Horror”

As I live close by to this town, I was outraged to learn that this town being so close to so many homes has accepted money from a meatpacking company to build a slaughterhouse! Construction has already begun and The Town Of Westport needs to cancel all plans allowing the building of the slaughterhouse to continue NOW!

It’s already hard enough to concentrate on anything but animal cruelty when thinking of The Town Of Westport since the Westport Farm incidents with animal cruelty. Now we’ll be facing the stench and screams of innocent animals in agony every time we walk through the neighborhoods of this town! A slaughterhouse being built so locally means that living, breathing animals come into the heart of this town and never make it out alive. It will mean that the animals’ organs, hides, and hooves will be transported from this town in trucks, potentially spilling blood, guts and fecal matter onto the streets of your neighborhoods!

Slaughterhouses are not only cruel to animals, but to humans, too. Workers are subject to intense psychological trauma and severe physical injuries such as amputations.

One of the main reasons this town was so against animal cruelty when finding out about the local farm abusing animals, made it seem like they have compassion for these living beings. But opening a slaughterhouse so locally in the town is a blatant violation of the towns core commitment against animal cruelty which they spoke so highly of when the farm incidents occurred only one year ago!

If this slaughterhouse is built, I have spoken with hundreds of residents who have signed the petition will move to another town.  Many incoming residents are changing their decision to live in an area where this is taking place. There is no room for cruelty in The Town Of Westport  - in fact, no towns anywhere should allow an industry that is so violent to animals, harmful to the environment, and dangerous to humans so close to home.

If you care about the residents of this town and want this harmful construction to stop, please sign this petition and encourage Town Of Westport – Building Department Personnel & Inspectors to immediately cancel all plans for building a slaughterhouse of horrors in our town.

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