Time To Change Tillsonburgs Dog/Cat Tag Bylaw

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In Tillsonburg Ont we have a Dog/Cat Tag Bylaw . Residents are required by law in town to purchase a Dog/Cat tag every year . Without purchasing a tag you can then be fined $105.00 These tags serve no purpose towards aiding residents if your pet gets lost and the town finds your pet . They will be sent to Hillside Kennels even though your pet has a tag with contact information on it .The invasion of privacy by the people hired to go house to house to check to see if your pet has a tag is not right. Residents want Town Council to revisit this Bylaw and how it is not working . It should be a one time fee for all Dogs/Cats or fee lowered , the fine is wrong , it should be a personal choice if you want a tag for identification on your pet . Alot of people have had pets found by the town only to have them shipped off to Hillside without notifying the owners . If the tags are not used to notify residents that the town have your pet then why have them . The whole bylaw needs to be reassessed and residents deserve to know what all the money made from tags /fines is used for . Let's get this done , people are frustrated with this issue . There is so much more to say here but the main thing is that Town council hear us and put it in priority . 

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