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Clean up the Honeyspot Motor Lodge

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We, the residents of Stratford, CT are asking the town of Stratford, the health department, Police department, and blight to enforce all local and state ordinances, laws, and fines to clean up this motel and to keep it clean. The Honeyspot Motor Lodge has been a crime ridden blight on the southend for over a decade. There have been many instances of illegal activities being conducted there. There are plenty of online reviews that show the extent of the unsanitary conditions inside of the motel as well. We, the residents of Stratford, CT are asking that our town help clean this blighted property up.

The current conditions of this motel make it a public nuisance and a health risk to our neighborhood and town. The crime affects those who live and own businesses near it. This motel is also close to two schools, the former Honeyspot house school and Stratford Academy. We want a safe and sanitary neighborhood. The Southend has a reputation in Stratford and properties like this help perpetuate that reputation.  

There are many ordnance violations that we have seen including:

Article II

120-19 Dilapidated or filthy conditions 

120-24 Occupied areas to be clean and sanitary

Article IV Rooming Houses (also applies to motels)

120-40 General maintenance Operator responsible for sanitary maintenance of all walls, floors, ceilings 

120-42 Bedding- Change bed linens and towels at least once per week and prior to letting of any room to any occupant.  Supplied bedding should be clean and sanitary

133- Litter

133-12 Owner must maintain premises free of litter 

These ordinances as well as any penalties need to be enforced and there needs to be follow through to ensure the property is cleaned up. unsanitary conditions are a threat to occupants and should not be ignored. 

There is also the issue of crime. There have been numerous instances of drugs, prostitution and violent crimes. This is a threat to the general public and must not be ignored. 

We love our neighborhood. We take pride in our neighborhood. We cannot feel safe as long as this motel is allowed to remain in such conditions.

We are asking Mayor Hoydick, Police Chief McNeil, Anti- Blight Officer Richard Fredette and Director of Health Andrea Boissevain to enforce all town ordinances, laws and penalties to once and for all clean the Honeyspot Motor Lodge up and keep it clean. 


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