Support Local Artist's Boat

Support Local Artist's Boat

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David Ferraresi started this petition to Town of Orleans and

The Atlantic Workshop is a small local business Orleans, MA at the corner of Main St. and Tonset Rd. where Scott Feen crafts reclaimed historical significant and nautical materials into custom sculpture, lighting, and furniture. You can find his unique one of a kind creations locally at the Kennedy Museum, resorts, retailers, restaurants, inns, and private homes.

With appreciation of the historic significance and prior to purchase, Scott Feen approached the Town of Orleans Building Commissioner and Building department with a plan to establish a craftsman’s workshop on the property. He was assured his plans were appropriate and viable, at which point he obtained the building permits, and proceeded. He was then referred to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a Special Use Permit before running his business. Due to several vocal, including part-time resident, abutters, the Zoning Board of Appeals made his permit conditional upon a half dozen requirements which handicapped the business, and required annual reassessment by ZBA. The arbitrary and capricious interpretation of regulations resulted in an ongoing 4-year legal battle at the expense of both Feen and the Town of Orleans (taxpayers).

Local regulations and bylaws allow Feen to have a boat with a name on it and he is also allowed signage as a Self-Employed Home Occupation, but the town is singling him out.

This petition seeks for the Town of Orleans to accommodate a reasonable permanent resolution to allow Feen to operate his workshop as a contributing year round small business. While supporting his young family here in the town of Orleans.

Here are the applicable laws. (if that is interesting to you):

1. Boat w/ Name:
Town Code Sec. 159-3 requires that any vessel that is not required to be titled or registered, such as his antique sailboat, “must display somewhere on the vessel the owner’s name.” You’re required to name the boat.

2. Sign for Home Occupation:
Signs for Customary or Self-Employed Home Occupation. One (1) sign not to exceed six (6) square feet in area shall be permitted for a customary self-employed or home occupation in any zone for which a special permit or variance has been granted by the Board of Appeals, subject to any restrictions as to lighting, etc., imposed by the Board of Appeals, provided that such sign conforms in all other respects to the provisions of this section. Sign area shall be defined as the area of  the smallest single horizontal or vertical rectangle which will totally enclose the face of a sign, including any borders, or in the case of signs painted or otherwise applied directly to the sides of buildings, the smallest vertical or horizontal rectangle which will completely enclose the identifying or advertising information. Support structures for freestanding signs shall not be considered in determining sign area. .. The area of a double-faced sign shall be figured using one (1) face only.  Meaning – the painted words of Atlantic Workshop and the logo are less than 6 feet in size on one side and permitted

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!