Save our Mural, Save our Money

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The mural in Uptown Normal has been cultivating town pride since its creation. It has always been an iconic spot for pictures and a landmark that depicts Bloomington/Normal as a whole. Both the building that it is on, as well as 108 E. Beaufort Street, will be torn down this coming spring. This comes after a unanimous vote by the Town of Normal City Council. In it's place will stand a five story building that will cost almost $30 million to construct. This building will have a business on the first floor, an office area on the second floor, and residential spaces on floors three through five. Despite the short term gains of adding 200 jobs for construction, spending $30 million on this building is not a good use of funds by any means. There is already a building that stands without a tenant in Uptown Circle. How could opening another lot change the interest? Renovating the buildings at 104 and 108 E. Beaufort St. would be a cheaper, more viable solution. This would achieve a similar result with out tearing down our the beloved mural. Sign this to show your support in keeping the mural and not spending nearly $30 million dollars on a project that could potentially could hurt our local economy. Once we reach five thousand signatures, this petition will be presented to the Town of Normal City Council.