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Stop the sale of animals in Pet Stores in Newmarket

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The Town Of Newmarket does not have any by laws stopping pet stores from selling animals. Puppies, specifically, being sold in pet stores come from Puppy Mills. Registered breeders cannot sell puppies to stores due to the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) not allowing registered breeders to sell to stores. In order to get litters of puppies and kittens in for sale, pet stores turn to puppy mills. These puppies come without registration or papers, and very little or no vaccinations. They are sold for high prices as “designer” breeds. Rarely are the puppies the actual breed they are being sold as. Most are sick due to no vaccines or improper care and environment. These animals live inside a store setting in glass cages until they are sold. 

Kelly Broome, Ward 6 Councillor, has added this issue to the agenda for a February review! This is an amazing step forward. Please sign this petition to show your support so we can see this through to the end, and make changes for the better!

Please email the Mayor & Councillors Of Newmarket to explain, respectfully, how this matter needs to be addressed. 











UPDATE - news article regarding our initiative! 


UPDATE - A news ariticle regarding our initiative!!