Demand Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Mammoth Lakes

Demand Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Mammoth Lakes

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Started by Raejean Fellows

There is no viable public charging for non-Tesla Electric Vehicles in Mammoth Lakes (ML). Non-Tesla EV drivers are forced to consume fossil fuels to get to Mammoth Lakes, often driving 300-400  miles or more.

There is damage caused by the millions of visitors who drive to Mammoth Lakes in gas cars, inflicting great harm on the climate and the air we breath. We see this from the increased frequency and intensity of forest fires as well as the warming trends and erratic snowfall. Vehicle emissions puts public health at risk, causing asthma, acute and upper respiratory symptoms, heart attacks and premature deaths.*
Without increased charging infrastructure we will continue to cause damage to the environment and public health.
There are nearly 1/2 million EV drivers in California and growing. There is great opportunity to increase tourism, economic vitality and public health to ML by installing Level 2 and 3 chargers so that visitors can get here in a clean fuel vehicle, as well as drive around town, reducing toxic emissions and fossil fuel consumption.
GOOD NEWS: The good news is that with increased clean fuel vehicles driving to and in ML, the local economy will thrive and ML can achieve its goal of 100% clean energy future to sustain our snow and forests.

WHEREAS: Plug In America and Electric Auto Association have received complaints from EV owners who would like to drive their EVs to Mammoth Lakes, and cannot.
WHEREAS, the Town of Mammoth Lakes is dedicated to being a leader in the use of clean energy, establishing policies and programs that conserve energy, and promote sustainability as is evidenced by the Town Council Proclamation to make September 9,2018, Electric Vehicle Day in Mammoth Lakes.

WHEREAS: Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has a goal of attracting 2.8 Million skiers and wants to improve the process of getting skiers to the area with the cleanest fuel possible.

WHEREASMono County's Goals are:

GOAL 23. Achieve and maintain excellent air quality, water quality, and noise quality such that public health and the environmental character of the county is protected.

Objective 23.A.

Maintain a high level of air quality that protects human health and wildlife, and prevents the degradation of scenic views.

SOLUTION: The Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain Resort, Mammoth Lakes Tourism and Mono County will work together to install Level 2 and Level 3 fast chargers with the highest urgency.
*American Lung Association

335 have signed. Let’s get to 500!