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Stop aerial spraying for West Nile Virus

While most of us can agree that the West Nile Virus is a horrific virus and a prevention plan needs to be considered; I would urge the town to reconsider a plan that is toxic and presents its own set of concerns. We are nearing the end of the West Nile one can say with any certainty that the pesticide is effective since it only kills some of the adult flying mosquitoes and not the larvae. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful lake-side community, and there is great concerns over the effects the Duet spray will have on the natural inhibitors of our area. Additionally, pesticides have been linked to bee colony collapse and we absolutely need bees to pollinate our food. The makers of Duet are unable to come out and explicitly state that Duet is a safe. Many of us work hard to feed our children organic fruits and vegetables, some of us maintain our yards and gardens organically, many of the residents do not want our children, animals and those with compromised immune systems playing in the grass where pesticides have been dropped aerially. Our leaders also have a fiduciary responsibility to use our taxpayer money wisely...the option to spray is expensive and comes with uncertainty on its effectiveness. Please join me today, by signing this petition, to ask that the leaders of our community please pause and reconsider the decision to conduct aerial spraying for West Nile Virus. There are more natural, safer alternatives that should be considered before such drastic and expensive measures are taken. Thank you!

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