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Bloomfield CT Land Grab via Eminent Domain -- New Council, please help our family.

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On September 27, 2013, we purchased a seven acre parcel of land with a custom and maintained practice motocross track, known as 30 Southwood Rd. Bloomfield CT from a Charles Smith, with a Open End Mortgage Deed of $90,000.00 plus $9,374.52 in interest.

We worked very hard to earn the funds to make the dreams of having our very own motocross track for our family and friends to enjoy, and to preserve the countless time and money Charlie Smith had invested in making the property as beautiful as it is today.
On April 17, 2014, that all came to an end when we were served with an Eminent Domain lawsuit, to remove us from our recently purchased property and to compensate us with an embarrassing $41,000.00.  To this day, the $41,000.00 (of tax payers money),  sits in the court's clerk office.  We refuse to settle with such an unfair compensation.  We are now left with only fond memories of our track and property and no compensation.  As of June, 2017, the Town had received title to the land of 30 Southwood Rd.  There is a jersey barrier placed at the entrance to the property, and a no trespassing sign where you will be arrested if you enter.  How is that for "public use"?  The DPW director claims they needed the property to renovate and expand the DPW.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  At the July 28, 2016 Town P&Z meeting, Ms. Nancy Haynes (Purchasing and Risk Manager, Town of Bloomfield) was asked by Chairman Berson, "if the adjacent property (30 Southwood Rd) is not acquired, will the project go forward."  Ms. Haynes replied, "yes".  So clearly, the property is not desperately needed to expand and renovate the DPW.

Our son, Austin prays every night at the dinner table, pleading to God to give us our motocross track back.  This was our "happy place".  Where a family plays together, they stay together.  Now our track, where are kids and family ride motocross has been sitting, overgrown and useless. We as a family need closure, either the Town steps up and provides just compensation, or they do the ultimate right thing and withdraw from the proceedings all together and title the property back to the rightful owner.
Please consider signing, this is shameful on behalf of the past Town Council. Ex Mayor Joan Gamble told our 10 year old son they need his track for the dirt and for impounded car storage at the recent Town Meeting.  As all of you are aware, there are many vacant or blighted empty lots where if this was the need, the Town could utilize them for their needs and not take what is ours and force us to accept a $41,000.00 compensation for a mortgage deed note that is $99,374.52.   

We had a petition in 2014, over 1500 signatures, but it didn't do a thing, this is what the Ex Mayor Joan Gamble had to say about that this past December on social media:  "What you should know, that caused the Council to follow through on the eminent domain was the fact that your petition was signed by ONLY ONE town resident. The others were from out of town, and or state."

SO PLEASE Bloomfield citizens, PLEASE sign, this could happen to anyone.

Please help my family receive  justice. Please help me convince the newly voted council to do the right thing.
Thank you

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