Stop the closure of Raines Foundation Secondary School.

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Raines Foundation a Church of England Secondary school is facing closure by Tower Hamlets council we are trying to get as many people to sign this petition to stop this from happening.

Raines is one of the only two Church of England secondary schools in Tower Hamlets it has a long history and has just celebrated its 300th year.

This proposed closure had not been discussed with parents or some members of staff we was all in the dark until the application was discovered online and shared by many on social media.

The school has been making significant improvements since September of last year when and Mr Woods became the first executive headmaster however it was known by the council that there was issues for many years and it was not acted on until after the council was already in talks to apply for the closure.

The way this has been handled by the local authority is disgraceful. It has caused a huge amount of stress and worry for the students some of whom are in the process of preparing for there Gcse. The students that had accepted a place in year 7 for this coming September now have to find a new school or join Oaklands Secondary school and the existing students are in limbo until the decision is made on if the closure is to go ahead.

Raines Foundation has been a part of the community for 300 year's and now faces closure please sign to show your support for the school, students and staff so we can try and prevent this from happening.

Thank you.