Save Our beaches! STOP Sand Dredging On Perth’s Coastline

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All the way up the Perth Coastline our beaches are suffering from dramatic beach erosion. This is mostly evident at Fremantle Port Beach and the iconic Cottesloe Beach. Perth’s residents love their beaches. For decades they protected the stores of sand held in the coastlines dune systems. But they do not protect the stores of sand off-shore. A link has been established to off-shore sand dredging and beach degradation. Billions of tonnes of sand today is being sucked up off shore to make building cement. Off shore sand dredging must be Stopped to protect our beaches which are one of our greatest tourist and residential assets. This sand being removed also forms the foundation of vast habitats of sea life and ecosystems. Off-shore sand dredging must be STOPPED to save Perth’s beaches and the marine ecosystems they support!