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Invite Ari Goldkind (#LetAriDebate)

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Despite polling fourth (1) and attending debates that have happily hosted four or more candidates previously, mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind is being shut out—sometimes openly due to other candidates' demands (2). In Toronto, in 2014, this isn’t right.

A mayoral candidate with an inspiring yet grounded platform in his own right, Ari "injects some uncomfortable truth into the campaign" (3) according to The Toronto Star’s Royson James. The pattern is clear: if Ari’s at the debate, expect real policy discussion and engaging yet civil debate; if not, expect the usual chaos and talking points. Despite excellent moderation, the recent CBC debate proved this point clearly. Simply comparing two debates earlier this month, Shawn Jeffords of the Toronto Sun wrote "the debate [with Ari] took on a much more civil air than one earlier in the day [without Ari] at George Brown College" (4).

Maybe, like me, you find yourself watching political debates or interviews from time to time, and saying something like "Is that true? Why doesn't the moderator say something?" Well, here's what The Agenda’s Steve Paikin wrote after moderating a Toronto mayoral debate: "it becomes the job of the other candidates to be on the lookout for each other’s fibs. Yes, I can do some of that fact-checking on the go. But the reality is, it’s incumbent on the participants themselves to 'call each other’s BS'" (5). Without all top 4 candidates talking, we're not seeing this happen.

The National Post’s Natalie Alcoba points out that "suddenly, [Ari] is turning more heads" (6). Maybe you’ve seen Ari at debates in the past, and want him to be mayor because of his progressive and genuinely honest platform—like the 50¢-a-day plan. Or maybe you just want an opportunity to hear more from him. In any case, there’s a good chance you want someone on stage who can elevate the discussion. With all top 4 candidates invited to the remaining debates, this can happen. If you agree, please sign. Thanks for reading!

- Alex Andrews (@leakywellington)


Learn more:

> Watch the "What Is Toronto Worth To You?" clip here.

> Check out Ari's transit plan here.

> For more on Ari Goldkind, visit and check out some official clips here (and some more debate clips here).

Upcoming debates and organizers:

Wednesday, October 22nd – CP24/CTV –,,

Thursday, October 23rd – CityTV –








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