Rescind the 3 hour parking limit in Toronto.

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Everyone at one time or another has probably got a ticket when the whole street is ticketed due to a complaint regarding onstreet parking. Everyone on my street has got a ticket every night for the past NINE nights! Do you realize the only way this bylaw – Chapter 950 -400D(5) right there in Toronto Municipal Code, no parking for greater than 3 hours – is enforced by the City is when someone calls in a complaint? Have you ever heard of a law more arbitrary and capricious? Prior to the early 1990s this bylaw was enforced by the City at their whim, then it was changed such that it is only enforced when someone calls in a complaint. The caller is supposed to be a resident from the same block on the same street – but how can you really verify that? Why this bylaw is even necessary is a mystery – some say it is to allow the City to clear snow at night. But given cars aren’t towed away and there is no prior warning, this makes no sense. And if the City wanted to get a clear shot at snow removal they could post No Parking signs on a block by block basis on the nights they want to go at it. Further, my ward Councillor has told me this is the number one issue he receives calls on!  No doubt there are many more people upset by this silly bylaw. Here we have a bylaw that has no relevance or rational reason for existence, which is enforced only when someone feels like it! We have a bylaw that pits neighbour against neighbour, where the complainant is protected by anonymity. And this bylaw wastes an inordinate amount of the Councillors’ time – and their staff’s time. Rules need to be clear and consistently applied to be fair and reasonable in a democratic society. There is no place for a rule that is entirely unpredictable and open to abuse. I am calling on Toronto City Council to rescind this bylaw entirely and waive any outstanding tickets that have been issued and remain unpaid.