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Move "Garden of the Greek Gods" by E.B. Cox out of Muzik nightclub

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This summer Muzik nightclub expanded their patio area to include twenty-one pieces of formerly public art. The limestone sculpture garden, entitled "Garden of the Greek Gods" was intented by the artist to be public art. Cox made the statues so that children could climb on them and enjoy them. While they are in the 19+ nightclub they cannot even be seen by the public, let alone enjoyed by children. E.B. Cox is considered to be an important figure in Canadian art history, and his peices are priceless and unique. The use of these artworks as patio decorations in a private nightclub is both disrespectful to the artist and his family as well as degrading to the art and to Canadian heritage in general.

The art is the property of the City of Toronto, and if there is enough public outcry on this issue, city officials may decide to have the art removed from Muzik's patio and moved to a more suitable location.

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