Blue Jays: Honour Roy Halladay with a HOF Bobblehead!!

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Over the past few seasons, Jays fans have watched as the once competitive team was dismantled into the also-ran it currently is.  While there is much debate about whether or not that was the correct path, one thing NO ONE will argue is that the Sky Dome isn't so full anymore.  Fans feel disenfranchised, like they have nothing to cling to.  Well I offer this:

Toronto Blue Jays,

Please give us a reason to come back to the Dome in droves.  Let us honour Doc on a day just for him, with the Hall of Fame Bobblehead he deserves.

Our request is for you to amend the pretty weak Promotional Schedule you are offering this season to include a Roy Halladay Hall of Fame Bobblehead Day!  If you build these... WE WILL COME!!!

Do the right thing.  Honour Roy and make 20,000 fans happy! 


The guys who still show up every year, even when there's little to cheer for