Yuya Takahashi NEEDS To Animate MOST If Not ALL Remaining Dragon Ball Super Episodes

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After Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind who should be the principle Animation Supervisor for the series going forward. And that is the LEGEND, Yuya Takahashi. There is no one other than Toyotaro that understands what makes so Dragon Ball EPIC. Takahashi's art style reflects some of the BEST and most ICONIC Dragon Ball Z Animations, such as SS3 Goku VS Kid Buu and Majin Vegeta VS SS2 Goku. This petition is not to discredit the rest of Super's animators. Some of them have done some TREMENDOUS work. The MAIN purpose is to shine some light on the GREATNESS that is Takashi. And to send our approval in a concrete way, to Toei Animation that we APPROVE of Takahashi's work. And if this leads to him becoming the MAIN Animation Director for most, if not ALL the remaining Dragon Ball Super Episodes. Well, that's just a bonus.