Release of the transcripts of the Torchwood Big Finish audio dramas

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I created this petition because I know for a fact a lot of people would love to listen to those audio dramas (because, really, they look nothing but amazing) but either can't afford to spend that much money for every audio, aren't comfortable enough with the audio format or, like myself, are impaired of hearing.

I even called Big Finish some months ago, looking for transcript for myself, but they said that they couldn't release the transcript to me. I realize it was probably for copyright issues (also, couldn't be sure I wouldn't send them all over the web), so no hard feelings there.

But I also kept thinking about this issue, both for myself and for others in similar situations. So I saw this post on tumblr about the release of the new Big Finish season, talking about how cool it would be for Big Finish to release the audios in book format. I'm not thinking about changing the whole thing to create actual books, but simply releasing the scripts. Maybe a book per season, maybe a smaller one per audio drama, but all the same, wouldn't it be both amazing and helpful to have that?

I'm not going to barge in on Big Finish and demand this, but I'm hoping that if we make our voices heard maybe they'll at least consider it.

So, Torchwood fandom, what do you think?

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