Tops Markets and Wegmans, please stop selling live lobsters

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Next time you are walking by the LIVE LOBSTER TANK in your grocery store, think about this:

Lobsters feel pain:

  1. They have an exquisite sense of touch
  2. They are sensitive to temperature shifts as small as one degree
  3. Lobsters can't "go into shock", and their suffering is extreme and prolonged, up to 3 minutes in boiling water.
  4. Lobsters need a fresh continual influx of natural ocean salt water. They suffer in artificial tanks.
  5. Many lobsters starve in stores because retailers don't want to clean their waste from tanks
  6. Humane slaughter method guidelines are available for specialized professional training, and humane killing is based on species-specific nervous system ganglionic severing after narrow temperature range chilling.

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We, the undersigned, call on our local supermarket retailers, Tops Markets and Wegmans, to:

  • Optimize your business plan to phase out sale of live lobsters from all operations, to be complete within 3 months of receipt of this petition
  • Post in plain view near lobster tanks why boiling or dismembering live lobsters is inhumane

We look to Tops Markets and Wegmans, retail grocery chains that are an integral part of our community, to demonstrate positive leadership through responsible ethics-based business practices that embody humane principles.

Tops Markets and Wegmans, we thank you in advance, and look forward to your timely public response regarding the upgrades to your lobster sales.



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