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Reinstate Myself and my Friends Account

I know that this is not nearly as important as most things that go around on, But to me this is a very big issue. On Wednesday November 21st 2012 Myself and another attended the Designer auction on A Coach bag entered Standby at about 812pm Eastern Time. Just the Stock Photo that was used for the handbag being sold was obviously a Counterfeit item. Well several of us Lady's who attend and sell in that auction every night reported the bag to Tophatter Staff. The bag was never taken off and was later advanced into the live auction by someone placing the opening bid. This Outraged allot of us attending the auction that not. Tophatter has been lacking for some time in keeping the customers who attend the auctions safe from Replicas. But the rules state that we are not aloud to tell a fellow bidder that they are bidding on a Replica Item. Well Myself and another in the room that night got very upset and decided we was going to deliberately bid that Replica Coach bag up so that No Innocent Buyer would be left with the Heartache, Turmoil, Headache, And everything else that comes with the process of dealing with Replicas. So we did just that and i won the bag and felt better knowing that no one else was going to have to deal with it. Well the end of the auction came and all of the sudden i can no longer bid or type in Chat. I got the Error that i had been suspended by a Staff Member. I was like Why on earth would they do this. Well of course they threw at us that we was Shill Bidding and that was against there rules. Well i told them that they was allowing Replicas on there Websites and this is Illegal by Federal Law. I started a Question in the Seller forum about it and of course it did not go to well and i did not expect it to. Got allot of the other girls who do not sell much of there items every night coming in all happy that myself and my Friend Mrs Troy was Suspended, But the bigger thing was Megan Wang one of the higher ups of tophatter asked me if i had any real Proof that the bag was Counterfeit. Because according to them there was nothing that set off red flags about the listing. And sadly enough When i looked at the listing again Not only was the stock Photo enough for me, But then i actually took a good look at the second Picture of the tags that was posted. The tags that was posted Explained a Completely Different Bag then what the seller was claiming to sell. So i had that for evidence. I then contacted the Buyer themselves and Apologized and told her i would not be paying for her Counterfeit Bag. That Paypal will inform anyone that if the Authenticity of any Designer Item is Questioned whatsoever not to pay for it. Well she was silly enough to write me back and even supply me with the website she would be getting the bag from. And Yes the Website was a Website of Replicas. So i had all that and Paypal telling me they would not advise me to pay for it. And today i got the email back from Megan telling me she would not be removing my Suspension because we broke the rules. There is that Part of it But Being on tophatter i have seen alot of things go down and tophatter NEVER takes the Heat for any of it. They Failed once again to Protect there Buyers that Night bottom Line. They care so much about there Buyers But yet they always seem to pick and chose who they pick on. I made tophatter allot of money paying there fees. I was a very good seller, And just because i decided to Protect a buyer from a faulty product i am thrown to the curb. I broke there Rules they Broke Federal Law Rules by allowing this item to sell, And its not because they did not know about it. Sad that if i had just Bid the bag up and not payed for it i would still be there, But since i was Honest about what i was going to do i was Suspended. But Unpayed Buyers can have a Better part of 5 Strikes Against them before they actually do something about them. All said and done Tophatter does allot of Shady Business that should not be done. They have never once admitted that yes The Slacked and was wrong for not removing that bag. Sickening that just because they are a Huge online company that they do this to people all the time.

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