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Privatise the ABC

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The ABC is blatantly disregarding it's charter for fair and balanced reporting and for a tax payer funded media outlet, this is totally out of line. The ABC has been infiltrated by journalists and commentators with clear political bias and does not reflect the opinion of the majority of the Australian population. For a privately funded media outlet, this is perfectly acceptable as the company lives and dies on it's profits but the ABC uses $1.18 billion of tax payer funds a year and I for one do not want my hard earned going towards funding such propaganda. It's time the ABC was made to stand on it's own to see whether this is the kind of programming that Australians want.

  Update: The ABC is screaming blue murder about the Australian releasing the figures of what it pays it's leading presenters and journalists yet thinks it's in the public interest to publicly broadcast details about the Australian government's information gathering in Indonesia, causing great damage to our relationship with them. Nevermind the fact that the spying occured under Kevin Rudd or that the documents detailing the surveillance were released in June of 2013 - apparently it's all Tony Abbott's fault. This insipid infiltration of our national broadcaster by these biased, socialist individuals must come to and end. ABC = Anything But Conservative.

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