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3-year assessment of asylum seekers for suitability to stay in Australia

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Man Haron Monis arrived as a political refugee in 1996 and since then, has taken at least three Australian lives, kept the police and courts busy and caused immense distress to Australian families and taxpayers who supported him as a political refugee.

The Australian Givernment MUST assess all asylum seekers after 3 years of arival to check their level of integration into society - do they have normal jobs (not clerics), are they paying taxes, integrating with the community (not just their own religion/nationality), have they had any civil or crimial charges against them. If not, they are placed on a 1 year probation, and if they still fail to assimilate after that, then they are deported from Australia and another asylum seeker from the queue gets their spot, and a chance to prove that they are a more deserving asylum seeker worthy of Australia's generosity.

Asylum in our fair country is privilege not a right, and asylum seekers who abuse the system should be replaced with more deserving ones who genuinely need a chance.

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