Stop semi-automatic ban in Pennsylvania

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      We are sending you this petition to protect our rights as American citizens given to us by the law of the land in the constitution created by our founders not to be infringed upon. The signers of this petition are supporters of our constitution that guarantees our rights, including our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. All legal law-abiding citizens are devastated to see the terrible acts carried out by horrendous human beings in the recent shootings wishing they could have stopped or prevented it. Such as the southerland spring shooting hero and the numerous brave citizens across the United States that stop violent crimes on a daily basis.

      I encourage you gentlemen to dive deep into the statistics surrounding the use of firearms that have stopped or prevented crimes. According to studies firearms saved millions of lives in the United States. Counter this with the small amount of shootings that involve rifles (excluding documented suicide and accidental discharge) firearms save more lives than legal firearms take. If this bill is passed you are denying law-abiding citizens the right afforded to them to defend their life and the lives of their loved ones, their property, and their pursuit of happiness. Stripping them of this inalienable right guaranteed to them by our constitution is not only wrong but unjust.