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Increase Philadelphia's Minimum Wage

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It’s time for Philadelphia to raise the minimum wage.

Philadelphia as a 'first class city' has the right to determine the standard of living for all of its citizens.

At just $7.25 an hour, our state’s minimum wage is leaving hard-working families in poverty. Corporate profits are at an all-time high, but working families in Philadelphia are falling behind. Poverty is proven to lead to desperation, crime, increased medical costs, and the dissolution of the family and quality of life of Philadelphia's citizens.

According to the National Employment Law Project "A total of 25 jurisdictions, including 7 states and 18 cities and counties, enacted minimum wage increases in 2016." Philadelphia, which property value and cost of living continues to rise, needs to move in the same right direction. 

If Philadelphia's minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, it would be worth over $10.70 now. Every year, prices go up while wages remain stuck, and making ends meet gets tougher for our families.

Raising Philadelphia's minimum wage to a living wage will help 455,000 workers across the city by giving them a raise. This, in turn, will stimulate nearly half a billion dollars in economic activity over the next two years and actually create jobs to meet the demand for goods and services.

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