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May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day - and
in honor of all heroes who have
ever protected our Constitution)
To the apparent Governor-Elect of Pennsylvania
Mr.Tom Wolf ,

. First, let me say that ALL PENNSYLVANIANS, regardless of
party or not; and regardless of previous voting record or
declaration or affiliation, must
for the greater good,  immediately and unequivocally 
as the standard-bearer of the restoration of freedom,
decency in Government, and Constitutional rule  
to the Cradle of Liberty - PENNSYLVANIA.

It is not too early to call this election for Tom Wolf.
Some political observers called the Democratic 
nomination for Tom Wolf as early as eight weeks prior
to the primary election.  In terms of the general election
in November, this has been decided for all practical purposes
on the very day of the May 20, 2014 primary - if all
past history in voting patterns in Pennsylvania is any
reliable indicator of the future.
Any "my way or the highway" illusions to the effect
that bringing about the restoration of good government
in Pennsylvania will be easy, or can be micromanaged
by this or that special advocacy or special interest group,
must be dispelled right here, and right now - as
Pennsylvania wakes up from the most tragic episode
in its history - a creeping Fascist dictatorship imposed
in this State, under the counterfeit guise of liberty and justice.
Therefore, to Tom Wolf, we say:  
We are behind you 100% in your campaign to be elected
Governor of Pennsylvania on 
Tuesday, November 4, 2014.
On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, and for a few days
thereafter, we expect that you will be charging your batteries
and resting up from the long and successful task behind you;
that you will be doing something which hasn't been done for
many years by any Governor-Elect of Pennsylvania - you will be
devoting yourself full-time for two months to designing the next
Governorship in Pennsylvania; in direct contrast to what happened
in 2010- 2011, when Pennsylvania had an absentee Governor Elect
who devoted himself full-time,
right up until January 18, 2011; to furtively and secretively
nailing every possible closet door shut - but alas, the bones 
all began to clatter and spill out despite all this furtive effort.
And it will take a team of legal archaeologists several years
to fully sort out the damage from this 
ossification of liberty.
The conflicts of interest from the past several years must be
sorted out, no matter which party or interest group these conflicts
were instigated by.  And here is one conflict of interest which is
very important to the people of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware
Ohio, New Jersey, West Virginia,  New York State and even 
Virginia, as well as other States further downstream from the 
Ohio Valley of Pennsylvania; and to all people who might eat
or drink anything produced in these dozen States: the conflict
between private and public interest in terms of the composition
of mineral extraction fluids;  known in some cases as 
"fracking fluids".  
People understand that proprietary information, and information
that is protected by patent and copyright laws, must be protected
by law - and if only the State of Pennsylvania had committed itself
to this type of protection ACROSS THE BOARD, rather than 
selectively enjoining only certain forms of protection for certain
well-heeled campaign contributors, we would all have been 
better off in Pennsylvania today
The immediate focus of this petition is the 
judicious weighing of the tug-of-war between 
private proprietary rights, on the one hand; and 
on the other hand - and in a way which can be
both complimentary and agreeably worked out
in an enlightened and cordial manner,
the public interest.  
Mr. Wolf, at the end of the week during which the Pennsylvania 
primary election process cast the election in your favor, a sneak
ploy by the outgoing Administration was implemented as soon as
was possible, and in a desperate and shameful manner.
That was the way in which the big campaign contributors
got their money's worth out of Pennsylvania government, 
when vast areas of forestlands which had been previously
under the declared protection of Government, were suddenly
thrown open to a new potential for 
Teapot-Dome style 
mineral extraction leases
Obviously, these aforementioned secretive fluids will be infused
into the healthy soils and dynamic aquifers and streams and
rivers of these now unprotected forestlands, which have been
kept good for us for thousands of years by the diligent work 
of the First Americans, the American Indian tribes, and by
wise conservatorship of the progressive type, ever since -
right up until a few days ago, when State policy
in Pennsylvania suddenly veered
right past the guard rails of Prudence, and into the 
Slough of  Despond.
This creates the clearest potential for using claims of private rights
to engineer a train-wreck against public interest.
The Constitution flatly states that such secretive formulas 
as are the subject of this discussion, be protected as
proprietary formulae "for limited times."  (Article One,
Section Eight, US Constitution).
That time should END when the "discoveries" of "inventors"
shall have been determined by due process to have 
substantially countermanded the public interest.
Accordingly, we the undersigned;
in support of your success as Governor, 
hereby and forthwith request that you consider this
petition, after you have been elected Governor and at
a time and method of your own comfort, to consider and
support the following idea:

Be it resolved that any judicial appointments made by
any interim or merit selection or other process, under
the next Administration in Pennsylvania; shall be made,
inter alia, via the test of inquiry as to whether or not the
candidate for any such judicial appointment during the
Wolf Administration will favor the balancing of public interest
in terms of such private proprietary data as "fracking fluids",
and shall favor strict interpretation of the "for limited times"
clause in Article One, Section Eight of the US Constitution
according to the standards described above in this Petition;
and shall disfavor the use of State law and courts to protect
this proprietary data altogether; and shall strike down any and
all unconstitutional laws in Pennsylvania.
. Very truly yours, and respectfully,
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA   19028-0877 USA

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