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DNC: Remove Bernie Sanders as "Outreach Chair"; Lock Him Out of Party Business and Funds

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Since he first went into politics at the not-so-tender age of forty, Bernie Sanders has loudly and proudly proclaimed that he is not a Liberal or a Democrat, that he despises both Liberals and Democrats, claims that we're just as corrupt as Republicans, and that he wants nothing more than to destroy the Democratic Party and remake it in his own, communistic image.

All through the 2016 election cycle, Sanders repeatedly violated Democratic Party rules, not only by hacking into the DNC's database of Hillary Clinton's supporters, but by breaking the agreement he signed saying that the money he raised while campaigning would not only support his campaign, but would go to support the campaigns of down ticket Democratic candidates and, ultimately, the Democratic Party itself.

To top all this off, he has refused to release his taxes and turn over his donor lists, and he is currently being investigated by the FBI as a co-conspirator in his wife Jane's bank fraud case, and he is mentioned several times in the Steele Dossier as willingly receiving Russian aid and funding for his 2016 Presidential run. He also incited and encouraged his supporters to threaten the supporters of his Primary opponent both physically and electronically, to vote for anyone but his Primary opponent, or to not engage in the Democratic process at all.

There's also the little fact that he lost the Democratic nomination by nearly four million votes, and he has gone on to falsely charge Hillary Clinton and the DNC of "rigging" the process against him, something many of his supporters, including actress Susan Sarandon, documentary maker Michael Moore, Young Turks pundit Cenk Ugyar, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile, have continued to pound on for televison time.

So, after all this, how does the Democratic National Committee choose to punish crooked Bernie Sanders? By making him the Party's "Outreach Chair," and he has continued his campaign of hate against the DNC and the Democrat base by denouncing many Democratic special election candidates as "not progressively pure enough" to meet his impossible standards.

On his 11/8/2017 show, Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders if he was planning to run for president in 2020, what party would he run on, Independent? Bernie said no, that he would run on the Democratic ticket once again, in spite of the fact that the Party's base: women, African Americans, Latinx, Asians, and the LGBTQIA+ community have all said in a loud voice that we don't want him.

We, the undersigned, ask that the DNC change the locks and send Bernie Sanders a clear, definite message that he is not wanted and is not going to do this to us again. There should be no anti-Democratic influences within the Party.

Like a spurned lover that won't give up, Bernie Sanders seems to think hanging around the DNC will change our minds. Many Democrats find this behavior creepy and counterproductive, and he will be the DEATH of the Democratic Party.

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