Remove Eugene Son from the Saint Seiya live action movie project

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El problema
Saint Seiya fans are angry with Eugene Son because of his decision of removing Shun of Andromeda (one on the main characters of Saint Seiya) from the new adaption of the show in Netflix.

La solución
Remove Eugene Son of the Live Action Movie staff and any other Saint Seiya production and respect original story written by Masami Kurumada, do not execute any changes based on what today is call "Politically Correct".

Do not remove (or replace) Shun of Andromeda character of any future Saint Seiya show, it is very important to respect Masami Kurumada original story. Also, please respect all the characters from the original story created by Kurumada.

Also, in order to improve the quality of the show in Spanish, please include the following voice actor in future productions:

1. Rene Garcia as Hyoga of Sygnus
2. Jose Vilchis as Andromeda Shun
3. Ricardo Mendoza as Shiryu of Dragon
4. Marcos Patiño as Ikki of Phoniex
5. For Seiya de Pegasus unfortunately his legacy voice actor, Jesus Barrero has passed away, we believe that Carlos Hugo Hidalgo can do a good job in substitution of Jesus Barrero.

Tu historia
I'm just a big fan of Saint Seiya an a voice of millions of fans all over the world