Unban the "Gay Eliminators" from Fallout76 then mute their accounts

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Bethesda has taken an extremely anti-consumer stance by choosing to permanently ban some trolls on their game Fallout 76 instead of administering a proper punishment. By using a permanent ban, Bethesda has actually opened up a door to legal ramifications. Fallout 76 is still a product, therefore protected under consumer protection laws. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:31999L0044

This decision stems from a twitter video showing the actions of the players in question, putting pressure on Bethesda to take a stance due to their report system malfunctioning. Initially a three day ban was administered, however the "victim" in question said that this was not enough. Bethesda went on to retracted their initial decision opting for a permanent ban. This came out of a mob berating Bethesda into making a decision, which is arguably illegal. Bethesda should not accept peer pressure as an justification to punish players, but instead should make their own judgements without listening to an angry mob on social media.

Permanently banning users prevents them from playing the game, rendering the product void. This decision is unacceptable and should be reversed.

My proposed solution to this fiasco is to unban their accounts and indefinitely mute them. By doing so, the banned players may continue to utilize the product. This also renders them unable to chat with other players, preventing further incidents. This is the logical and legally secure solution that Bethesda should have approached the situation with.

Personal story
While no one wants to experience players which disrupt game play, which is why Bethesda has added three key features: Report, Mute, and Block. (Note: At the time the report feature was broken)

This petition in no way defends the homophobic attacks towards other players.