Please Bethesda include an Offline/SP mode in Fallout 76

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As the petition says, many of us falled in love with the new Fallout 76, it's fantastic that they're bringing to us such a huge world with a new entirely game mechanics.
Many of us appreciated the fact that is possible to play this game in MP/Online mode, but not everyone.
Some people like me, or other people around the world, doesn't have a powerful internet connection, or simply they don't like to interact with other players in game.
Fallout is a game that for many years was supposed to be SP, i'm really excited to play this game with other people, but please give us the possibility to enjoy this game also in solo offline mode.
I know that as a developers, you're free to do whatever you want, but please consider this thing, like a gift that you're a doing to many and many players.
If it's not possible we will enjoy the game as it is, consider this a kind request from all the solo players around the world that they are a big part of Fallout community.