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Give Distinguished Club Program credit to any Toastmaster attending any District-approved Toastmaster Leadership Institute

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As one of their Distinguished Club Program goals, Toastmasters club officers must attend a district-sponsored officer training program. However, some hard-working club officers are denied credit for the training they attend. Any club officer should get credit for attending officer training sponsored by any district. If an officer happens to be in another district during officer training time, or finds a neighboring district offers training at a more convenient location or date, or simply prefers the training or presenters in another district, they should be able to attend any district-sponsored officer training program and receive credit. Officers should have freedom of choice.

Note that someone who belongs to clubs in different districts must meet training requirements for each district, possibly even attending multiple officer training programs in the same month for the same position. 

Currently, the Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training (LGET) for the member’s home district must approve of any training from outside the district. This introduces an extra inefficiency, more work that must be completed (by the district and the officer) in order to get credit. This also introduces another complication, another possibility of records getting lost or delayed. In fact, some districts could actually flat out deny credit for the training another district provides. Wouldn't it be easier for each LGET to post to Toastmasters International all of the attendees of their district-sponsored event so they all attendees receive credit?

Is that fair for some Toastmasters to receive credit for attending a training program while another Toastmaster would be denied credit for attending the same training program? Every district is empowered to decide how to effectively train their members. If that training is acceptable for hundreds of local officers, why shouldn’t it be acceptable for a few officers from another district? Why allow officers to attend one district-sponsored program, then say they won’t get credit and need to attend another training program?

Please show your support for this simple change to make officer training flow more smoothly and provide more freedom for officers.


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