Anne Lister was a lesbian. Don't let them erase her story.

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York LGBT History Month, with York Civic Trust, have just unveiled a blue plaque on the wall on the church where Anne Lister made her vows to her partner, Ann Walker. 

This is a wonderful moment, except that the plaque calls Anne (an iconic figure to lesbians throughout West Yorkshire particularly) "gender non conforming".

A gender nonconforming woman can be many things because it only means that you do not conform to societal expectations. It has nothing to do with sexuality.

Anne Lister was, most definitely, gender non conforming all her life. She was also however, a lesbian. That is why she took vows with her girlfriend in that church, because they were in love with each other and wanted to express that same sex love - the very definition of lesbianism. 

Don't let them erase this iconic woman from our history. 

Anne Lister was a lesbian.