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Release knowledge & technology now to help humanity unite in its effort to save the Earth.

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This is an urgent request that I am making on behalf of all humankind, all animals and life-kind on the planet.


Because we all are in danger from a multitude of man-made threats, and yet our economic and political systems render its victims powerless to address them in an efficient and timely manner; since Capitalism requires exponential growth on a finite planet.

These threats include the collapse of our own biosphere and consequently our own food chain due to devastating human encroachment into wildlife habitat via pollution and overpopulation.

We are also under threat from ignorance to these facts and propaganda-fuelled-hate as governments attempt to address the increasingly scarce resources by stepping-up the number of resource wars, under the guise of counter terrorism. 

Such wars, with Russia and the United States in the same theatre of war (in Syria) have raised the very real risk of nuclear war and complete nuclear annihilation of humans from the earth.

As suggested by Sen. Harry Reid it has been strongly indicated via the interference by higher intelligences, that humans are not to be trusted with nuclear weapons. 

'To The Stars Academy', which consists of high profile members, including former CIA personnel, aerospace experts and NASA advisors - has made a public announcement that it has knowledge of technology generations ahead of current human levels. 

The technology promised implies massive leaps in humans ability to produce staggering advances in the following areas (amongst others):

- energy, (including the possibility of free-energy, which could address our carbon emissions crisis),

- laser technology (which could possibly be developed to help in medical procedures across the globe to save lives and reduce suffering),

- and consciousness, including profound developments in ESP (which humans are in desperate need of - to increase empathy and prevent us from destroying one another). 

This petition is in part for TTSA to expedite the release any knowledge of such technology which can at the least - reduce human suffering, and at best - save us from our own demise. 

However, there as been a repeated justification of the inadequate and slow release of such timely information - on the grounds of needing to build enough funding to fully develop the research into such grounded UFO technology. 

It has also been suggested that it has been delayed due to the need for slow assimilation of the public - into a process of soft-disclosure as to where this technology originated from, so as not to cause panic. 

Whist this is understandable delays based on these justifications are becoming a danger in and of themselves. 

Therefore, it is with this in mind, that this petition is also an appeal to those entities and intelligences beyond common human awareness, (as inferred by TTSA) - to assist us with this lapse in co-operation between humans in such a way that will enable the simultaneous acceptance of their presence and influence, for the benefit of peace and ecological balance as well as the psychological acceptance of a necessary transition towards higher consciousness.  

Since this is regarding the release of technology that is not of human origin we require the intelligence and assistance of those who originally created it - in order for its release and use to be peaceful and timely enough to be used in matters that are clearly a present danger to the survivability of the human race.

The 'Americans' do not trust the 'Russians' and 'Chinese' with the technology and have already indicated that they are in a race to beat them to it.

Human beings who wish to live peacefully on earth have had enough of elite representatives of nations presenting humankind as the largest threat to itself. By dividing humans into nations and the subjects of selfish capitalist enterprises for profit and ego we have been rendered powerless, and without anyone to appeal for help.

We require assistance in the rapid advancement of human consciousness in order to resolve our divisions, understand the consequences of these technologies and ensure their peaceful use. 

If only for the sake of our children's futures we should sign and share this petition to signal our personal maturity as a section of the human race that is willing to act responsibly by meeting its obligations as custodians of the planet via all peaceful means available to us. 

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