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"He's not a Beatle, he's an Elephant...Please save Sunder"

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"He's not a Beatle, he's an Elephant...Please save Sunder" I understand that The United Nations stands up for humanity and human rights. However, we "must not" ignore the rights of those who do not have the ability to communicate to us in our language as this would make us arrogant and ignorant towards the needs of those who share this planet. All creatures large, small, black or white have equal rights to this planet. For any single species to make claim over any other of rightful ownership would be in violation of the truth. This planet belongs to all creatures and we must respect the rights of all creatures as we respect the rights of humans. Humanity must not be so narrowly though of that it only protects humans and allows humans to hold in captive other creatures against their will. 14-year-old elephant, Sunder, seen in chains outside of a poultry shed in Kolhapur, India on March 21, 2014. If we are to stand up as humans and we are to practice humanity towards our own kind, then we need to share this compassion towards all of Earth's creatures and not stop with our own kind. I once heard that humans were at the top of the intellectual pyramid of evolution and what placed us there was our power of reason. But it seems to me this was proclaimed by a human, thus only heard by humans and only accepted by the sheer ignorance of arrogance. As a human I will re iterate this proclamation and state that unless we do not show our ability to reason by saving this poor animal than we are in fact at the bottom of the great pyramid of evolution pulling the bricks out one by one. Please show me that you are more evolved than Sunder's captors and help me send him home where he rightfully belongs - the wild.


Also go visit youtube and see these videos to shed extra light on your decision to help -

Video 1 shows how Sunder was beaten before Paul got involved  -

Video 2 shows how the media responded to his call to action, but the photo at the top of this petition

shows how Sunder is still in captivity and chainned -

I will add more to this petition as time goes on.

Elephants like other animals and humans deserve better treatment and only making the world aware of these types of cruelty can we jointly put an end to it.

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