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To the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan:

Two bears in Jallo Park, Lahore are enslaved in unacceptable conditions. These bears are severely dehydrated and malnourished. Jallo Park management has enslaved them on a concrete surface without proper shade, water and food, the hard surface can cause injury to the bears. When confined in poor enclosures, devoid of natural emanates and adequate space, bears become stressed, frustrated and bored. Bears in captivity are especially likely to exhibit neurotic behaviors such as pacing, walking in circles, rolling or bobbing their heads, or swaying from side to side, which visitors often misinterpret as “dancing.”  

These bears urgently require wildlife habitat and professional facilities. Natural habitat is important in order to provide them with more physically stimulating environments.

Please sign and share this petition to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Ministry of forest, wildlife and fisheries, please help save these bears!