Save Our Jobs || #PiaMimiNiMkenya

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Hello Kenyans, my name is Julia Awuor. I recently lost my job after my employer closed shop. A story that has become too common in the last year. 

I am one voice but there are so many other voices out there sharing my plight. People in business, the banking sector, manufacturing industry and so many more. Unemployment has become a very big issue and we need to address it as a nation. It is a 'WE' problem and we need our voices heard. 

Unemployment doesn't just affect one person. It affects:

1) The whole country. No jobs/businesses, no taxes

2) People dependent on the working class/business owners

3) Businesses dependent on the working class

This is a petition aimed at getting the government to address the high rate of unemployment which has become unbearable with the high cost of living. 

Join me and other Kenyans in getting our voice heard. Let's start the process of making a Kenya that is accountable to its citizens.