Decision Maker Response

Rabia Yeaman’s response

Rabia Yeaman
KBOO Foundation Board Member

May 19, 2013 — Hi petitioners, thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns and opinions. I am sharing the most recent news we/I have of the union which is this "Lynn Fitch, KBOO Station Navigator and Madelyn Elder, President of the Communication Workers of America Local 7901, would voluntarily recognize the union and are ready to enter into negotiations."

Tomorrow (Sunday 5/19) the manager will be available to answer your questions on the air (6:30-8pm) (Monday evening too).

I cannot speak for my peers on the board, nor do I represent the board, only myself when I say, I am very excited the staff will be fulfilling their long-time desire to unionize and I am impressed with the manager's diligence in gathering information from a variety of sources to make the best decision on behalf of both the staff and the KBOO foundation.

Her decision to request to go straight to negotiations demonstrates to me, a willingness to support the staff's request to unionize, while
ensuring the safety of the non-profit corporation that is KBOO. I hope you will be able to tune in and get your questions answered to your satisfaction. Thank you for your passion and concern for our KBOO Community Radio.
Rabia Yeaman