Hire Doug Ross to be ACCT Philly’s next Executive Director

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On behalf of all Philadelphian's for Animal Welfare,

Imagine a Philadelphia where abused, abandoned and neglected animals have a progressive, efficiently-run, and safe primary animal shelter that provides the comprehensive care and support these animals desperately need.  Sadly, this has NEVER been a reality in Philadelphia … but it can be. Now is the time to finally hire an Executive Director for ACCT Philly who has the vision, compassion, savvy and tenacity to institute the change, infrastructure, marketing and fundraising that will create the dawn of a new day for our neglected animal population.

There is currently a search underway for the next Executive Director of ACCT Philly. We do not need to look far to find the right person to fill these shoes.  Local accountant, researcher and animal welfare advocate Doug Ross is the person for the job.  Sign this petition to show our city’s leaders and ACCT Philly’s Board of Directors that you support Doug Ross’s candidacy for the Executive Director role.   

Learning from the Past: Finding a Visionary for the Present

Vincent Medley, the most recent Executive Director of ACCT Philly was hired as the result of a nation-wide search. The decision to hire Medley was justified largely by his experience as the Assistant Director of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services despite his controversial reputation.  

ACCT Philly has the unfortunate distinction of being our nation’s most challenging and unique shelter operation.  Ordinary solutions have not been effective and there has been a loss of focus on the fundamentals.  Let’s not make the same mistake again or view the hiring of the next executive Director though the traditional lens strictly focused on previous animal shelter experience as the core qualification. 

We must take a fresh perspective on the kind of individual who is right for this position; who has the diverse and robust skills needed for this very unique opportunity. It’s time to look outside the box for a person who can find unconventional solutions for unconventional problems.

Why Doug Ross?

Doug Ross is a licensed CPA who has worked tirelessly to blend his business development, financial services, and recruiting skills with his passion for supporting Philadelphia animal welfare. He is an expert marketer, public speaker and fundraiser. 

What are Doug’s Qualifications?

  • Doug was responsible for creating and running the largest fundraiser in ACCT Philly’s history, the ACCTion Pack initiative (PhillyVoice Media Coverage).
  • Doug has used his passion to research the nuances of shelter operations and economics at local and national levels. In fact, he researched, wrote and published the first-ever intensive study of Philadelphia’s animal control function, creating the case for the connection between animal and human well-being (view study here).
  • Doug Ross served as key accounting expert in the 2018 Philly.com / Daily News Article on the financial health of ACCT Philly (view article here).
  • Doug is intimately familiar with the Philadelphia animal welfare community.
  • Doug is the proud adopter of a Pitbull named Peyton from ACCT Philly in 2014.
  • Doug is local; living in Center City Philadelphia.
  • Doug has a clear vision for the future of ACCT.
  • Doug is formally educated in business and financial management.
  • Doug is driven by his passion and love of animals, not career advancement.

What Doug Ross Believes

Doug has a clear vision for the future of ACCT Philly.  Doug believes that to become a no kill city, we must have a clear plan to get there.  A summary of his core approach can be found by visiting his Proposal for the Reformation and Reinvention of ACCT Philadelphia. The foundation for his plan is based on five core principles:

  1. Leverage Partnerships: ACCT Philly cannot become a thriving animal shelter alone.  We must work together with rescue partners, city government, volunteers (who have not been appropriately recognized for the critical work they do), Philadelphia’s vast community of animal lovers, local businesses and influencers to help build a better tomorrow.
  2. Infrastructure Improvements: Doug believes it is paramount that we make the humane treatment and comfort of animals being sheltered at ACCT Philly, a top priority.  This will involve fundraising to create the physical space and hire the staff to create the best level of care to help these animals not just survive, but thrive.  
  3. Make ACCT a shining star in Philadelphia and a National Model to be Replicated: Doug has written extensively on the connection between human and animal welfare.  He has plans for community outreach programs and events that will get the entire city caring about the animal welfare issues in Philadelphia.  We do not have to be the underdogs in this battle.  We can be a model for how to effectively and compassionately run a city’s primary intake shelter.
  4. Take the politics out of animal care and control: It’s time to focus on what is best for Philadelphia’s abandoned, neglected, and abused animal population … at whatever cost necessary.  Best practices rather than politics should dictate the policies and procedures that drive ACCT Philly forward.
  5. Make HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY a core value of ACCT Philly: Perhaps most importantly; no secrets, clear visibility, full accountability. 

The Potential Pitfalls of a National Search

Same Process = Same Results. Ready for change?  Help support Doug Ross as he interviews for this role.

Why Doug Needs Your Help

Doug is an unconventional candidate for this role.  The ACCT Philly Board of Directors may, understandably, not consider a candidate who is not a career animal shelter professional.  This role requires a multi-faceted person who understands the Philadelphia animal welfare crisis and already calls this city home.  In order to succeed, city officials need to know the community supports a new leader who can introduce new solutions.  Doug needs your voice and your support.


1)    To always be fully transparent, operationally and financially.

2)    To invite criticism and input with open arms.

3)    To NEVER retaliate against those who disagree or disapprove.

4)    To immediately begin the journey towards making ACCT a No-Kill shelter, with the goal of achieving this in 12 months.

5)    To answer every question and concern personally. No middlemen, no spokespeople. 

Sign this petition today to help show the Board of Directors at ACCT Philly your support for Doug Ross as Executive Director.

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