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Bring Chamroeun home!

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On Monday, August 29th 2016, Chamroeun Phan showed up to what he thought would be his normal check in with the immigration office. Upon arrival he was then taken into custody by ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and is currently being detained for questioning by the Cambodian government with the possibility of being deported to Cambodia.  Chamroeun came to this country when he was just a 1 year-old with his parents and siblings as refugees.  Chamroeun was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and has never stepped foot on Cambodian soil.  He is the youngest of 7 and has lived here in the United States all of his life, he is now 33.  In his younger days he made some mistakes with the law which lead to his requirement to meet with immigration on a regular basis but today, Chamroeun is a hardworking man, a loving husband, and great father to his beautiful 4 year old daughter, Leala. He spends his time working to provide for his family and loves to fish on his off time with friends and family.  Chamroeun is actively involved in his church and his faith in God has helped him to better his life for the benefit of those most important to him.  Anyone who knows him personally knows that his heart is with family and especially his daughter, Leala.

At this point our fear is that he will be stripped away from his family and sent to a country that he has never known or ever been to.  This will absolutely create extreme hardship for his family, as he is their primary provider.  His daughter would have to grow up not having her father around.  Leala has already been in tears wondering where her daddy is at and if he is coming back.  It’s been heartbreaking to witness that and to think this could potentially be something she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.  Chamroeun did not expect to be detained on August 29th, so on the morning that he went for his check in at immigration he gave Leala a soft kiss before he left his house because he did not want to wake her up from her sleep.  His plan was to head to work right after the meeting.  Leala is completely attached to the love and affection that he gives her. Great dads like Chamroeun should not be stripped away from their children like this. Chamroeun would also leave behind a beautiful wife who recently, graduated college to continue creating a better life for their family together. He would leave behind many siblings, nephews and nieces who love him dearly. 

Chamroeun’s elderly parents depend on him as well, his mother who is 71 and disabled is on a fixed income and struggles to get by each day.  This would bring much hardship to her as she depends on him a lot.  She reflects back on the time in Thailand’s refugee camp being so afraid that she would be separated from her infant son and here now in America, 32 years later a place she thought there was freedom and safety for her children,  she now fears of that separation from her youngest son. His father is 86 years old and every day he is here is a blessing. Chamroeun is his baby boy and he loves him dearly.  It would break his heart to lose his son through deportation. Unfortunately both of his parents became US citizens shortly after he had already turned 18 years of age.

Right now the only information we have is that the Cambodian government is the one accountable for his fate.  Chamroeun will be detained in jail until the Cambodian government is ready to speak to him sometime in the next few weeks.  Please sign this petition and help support Chamroeun.  Our prayer is that the powers that be will consider all of the signatures provided and the importance of how Chamroeun has impacted so many people in a positive way.  He does not deserve to be taken away from the people who love him and depend on him.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we continue to battle this hardship with Immigration. 

Please consider helping financially as well.

- In Christ,

Socheat Chum

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