Revert the Samuel Whitbread Uniform back to its previous state.

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This petition was created by a Year 9 student attending Samuel Whitbread Academy, a school apart of The Bedfordshire School Trust (BEST) located in Shefford. In 2017, the school started to use a more “formal” uniform as opposed to its previous one and has caused upset amongst Year 9 students and their parents. The reason for starting this petition is to allow the Year 9 uniform to be reverted back to what it previously was, as the “new” uniform used by Year 9’s and “old” uniform used by year 10’s and 11’s are drastically different and lead to much dissatisfaction amongst students and parents.

The first issue is regarding the quality of the uniform- I have frequently seen parents complaining about the blazers “falling apart” and the stitching “tearing away at the seams” on the schools Facebook page which completely disrupts the schools “tidy and neat image” To accompany this, the blazers are not made to flatter your shape, but rather to square it making students feel self-conscious- its no wonder so many Year 9’s would rather get a detention that wear the uniform. I’ve seen an increasing amount of Year 9 students wear the white polo shirts and black sweatshirts used by the Year 10’s and 11s as opposed to the black blazer, sweatshirt and white shirt we have grown to loathe.

I have been questioning students for a while now about how they feel about the uniform, and many have commented on similar things, including the fact that you are unable to take your blazer off during the summer weather unless specified to by a teacher, in contrast to older years who do not have to worry about this. Other complaints range from feeling isolated from the rest of the year because of the distinguished uniform, jealously, the tightness of clip on ties and various other issues.

I would like to try and make a difference to this and allow students to feel more comfortable during the school time, as research has shown that people typically feel more motivated and ready to learn whilst in less binding clothing.

In signing this petition you are helping this cause and making this cause a possible reality. I can not however, guarantee that this petition will defiantly allow students to wear the desired uniform as this is up to the PTA team at Samuel Whitbread Academy to decide, not me. The least we can do is to sign up.

This petition is completely anonymous, and you are not required to give out your name unless you feel comfortable to, every signature is a step closer, and I thank you all for this opportunity.

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