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Eden Housing Society Lahore (Gjumattah) Scam / Fraud with Public at Large-13000 Affect's

We, 13000 “MUZLOOMEEN” including widows, Cancer Patient, disable persons, retired pensioner, and mostly middle class families, approach you for justice. For the last 10 years, we are knocking every door for justice but no result.

In 2009, Eden Housing Society Lahore vied print and electronic media, launched Eden Housing Society Lahore. Having blind confidence and Trust in the name of EDEN HOUSING SOCIETY (Scam / Fraud) due to his successful projects and fame in housing societies, thousands of Pakistanis including the overseas Pakistanis applied to Eden Housing Society for plots/homes and deposited money in the account of EDEN(Scam / Fraud) . People expected that EDEN will live up to its reputation and deliver plot/homes as committed in the advertisement. Regrettably, situation has unfolded quite contrary.

We all had booked our plots/homes in 2009 the fact that we had been victimized and theft from through property investment, where no one was willing to help, shocked us. we have poured our blood, sweat and tears fighting for justice and it hasn't been easy at all.we was provoked by the opponent parties, harassed, threatened being sworn at and mocked. They told us to go back and stop wasting Ur time as we would never get the money back. Which gave us more strength as the challenge now had become intense 

Trying to get what is rightfully ours, we have pleaded to the government authorities for help, but we saw no hope, we suffered heavy financial losses, in being absent from employment and our business closure. our families and children have suffered in this (Scam / Fraud) . we have come so far in this battle, in which some told us was impossible, but we are not willing to give up this battle now. Its become more than just about the financial loss now, its about fighting for the millions that have suffered from the inhumane treatment of Pakistan law.

in this Mega (Scam / Fraud) lot of women (including widows and cancer patient) are also victimize by Eden Housing

Being a woman and to fight in Pakistan, it was a big challenge, where women are still not given the same status as men, and I was mocked for even attempting to take on these corrupt criminals myself.

we believe a change can and will be made, to stop property fraud from being normalized in Pakistan, where criminals and Pakistani authority figures must pay a price for causing deep suffering to innocent people.we are seeking help from the most respected *Prime Minister, Imran Khan* to do so.

We have faith in our respected PM Imran Khan that he will act for benefit of Affectees of Eden Fraud/Scam on following

1. Actions towards Immediate relief of Affectees, by instructing authorities to act seriously, effectively and in timely manner towards resolution of matter.

2. Instruct competent authorities to investigate & punish the culprits in government bodies who didn't perform their assigned duties as public servants that resulted in above scam.

3. Legislation to stop any such Fraud/Scam in future, by introducing Exemplary Punishment for both 1) the party conducting fraud/scam and 2) government bodies/personnel not acting at right time to stop the fraudulent schemes OR officials delaying justice/actions.

Please sign and share this petition and let's work together to put an end to this injustice once and for all! Enough is Enough. Our families have been  victim of indiscriminate treatment suffering and fighting against property fraud in Pakistan.

  • This is OUR Eden Mutasreen story