Make more parking for AM and PM staff at Middlemore Hospital without issuing Infringement

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We need more than adequate parking spaces available for the staff of Middlemore Hospital (nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors, cleaners, orderlies, technicians, allied health, administrative staff, midwives and everyone else who works at Middlemore) when staff members come in for AM or PM shifts but there is no parking spaces available.

It is so frustrating and stressful looking for parking when there is none available so staff members drive around between S-Bend and Western Campus staff car park looking for available car parking space which is taking so much of their time when they should be at their respective work areas for staff handovers and staff meetings instead they still in the car park looking for parking space to park their cars which is really ludicrous. 

Why is this so important to mention???

Middlemore staff members pay to park in the staff car parks but not having enough parking spaces available at S-Bend and Western Campus staff car parks when they come on AM or PM shift and with no options available they park their cars where ever they find space e.g. park on the curb but not hindering other cars, or park on the grass space not blocking other cars, or double park but not obstructing other cars, or park on crossed yellow lines leaving enough space for cars to pass through freely, or park on either side of lift entrance doors on each level of the multi-storey car park in western campus not blocking any access, or park in restricted areas causing no danger to pedestrian and cars with plenty of room to pass by and they get infringement notices for parking in spaces deemed "illegally parked in the unmarked parking bay". 

Driving around staff parking lots and unable to find parking space to park is already so frustrating and stressful that staff members feel they are compromising their own health and safety and at the same time putting the health and safety of others at risk when their already stressed mind distracted from the task thinking what they will be issued with infringement notices. When staff members go to move their cars during their breaks having to find infringement notices stuck to the windscreen for $65 to $85 to pay is even more frustrating causing more stress and anger on top the stress and anger they already have for not being able to find a marked parking space is when they feel their health and safety and wellbeing is very much compromised. Staff members go through this each and every day driving around looking for parking space between car parks missing their staff hand overs and staff meetings, and getting to their respective work areas late. Can’t find parking is not what any team leaders or managers want to hear because they do say leave home early so you can find parking. Staff members are growled at or being told off for coming to work late which has become daily occurrence and on-going issue for some years now. In some areas managers have even changed their rosters to cater for on-going parking issues they were facing every day of the week.

Few staff members may feel the inconvenience of cars "illegally parked in the unmarked parking bay" by staff members who were not able to find a parking space deemed "a marked parking bay" are also paying for car parking space to park their cars. Issuing infringement notices doesn’t make the problem go away but by creating more spaces available for more car parking bays. Staff members paying for car parking and being issued with infringement notices is unnecessary and unfairly targeting honest hard working staff members who are coming to work every day doing their absolute best sweating their butts off to earn a honest day’s wages to pay their bills and put food on the table for their loved ones and here CMDHB management showing their power of authority over honest hard working staff members to instruct Wilson Parking to issue infringement notices to any such vehicle parked anywhere other than a marked parking bay causing staff members more and more stress and frustration to run around looking for parking space while CMDHB management is not willing to committed to make more staff parking available for staff members.

Staff members are saying they are let down daily for not able to find a suitable parking space and there is no one they know to seek help from when finally staff members feel they had enough of all the stress, anger and frustration compromising their health and safety and wellbeing they never deserved and foremost never signed for in their employment contracts. Putting their hands up to say they had enough of all the stress, anger and frustration they have been through is not worth compromising their health and safety and wellbeing anymore for the organisation that doesn’t care for the health and safety and wellbeing of their employees. They leave Middlemore for good never to return to CMDHB to let their friends and families know to never apply to work at CMDHB. It is very sad to know they feel so negative about CMDHB that prompted them to leave and many existing staff members also feel the same if CMDHB management doesn’t hear their plight. Staff members’ wants this on-going parking issues solved for once otherwise more of our staff members will resign to leave CMDHB for good and staff retention at CMDHB is bad enough already. CMDHB Staff members deserve better so they are asking to be heard by CMDHB Chair, the CEO and the Corporate management team to make more parking spaces available and not being issued with infringement notices for parking where ever they find little space deemed "illegally parked in the unmarked parking bay". CMDHB staff members’ loves their job and they want to be heard so hear our plight and request for more parking please.  

CMDHB Staff members and people supporting CMDHB staff members to sign this petition to help us to have a say collectively in making sure that staff members working in every role in every department is heard by CMDHB Chair, the CEO and the Corporate Management Team to consider looking into the lack of parking spaces available at Middlemore hospital S-Bend and Western Campus staff car parking situation and creating more parking spaces for staff members so they don’t have to wait long for a parking space to park to get to their respective work areas. It is a concerning situation to every staff member at CMDHB.

On 15th June 2020 was published in Daily Dose when the author wrote to inform the staff members how to avoid an infringement notice but the author knows that there is not enough parking spaces available to park and the author also knows why staff members park in places where it is deemed "illegally parked in the unmarked parking bay". By no means the author is even trying to solve the parking issues but BOLDLY USING THE POWER OF AUTHORITY INSRUCTED Wilson Parking to issue infringement notice for which the author is making parking situation even worse for every Middlemore staff member. If nothing is done to sort parking issues, staff members will take the matter to the media to voice their concerns.

"Western Campus parking issues – how to avoid an infringement notice.

With the increased number of staff and cars returning to the site after the changes in COVID-19 alert levels, parking in the Western Campus multi-storey car park has again become a problem.

Some staff members are parking in areas that restrict or block access, for pedestrians and vehicles. This creates a danger to both pedestrians and vehicles. Wilson Parking has been instructed to issue infringement notices to any such vehicle. Be aware that if your car is parked anywhere other than a marked parking bay, you will receive an infringement notice".