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to Council of Hastings Highlands: For Responsible Placement of Cell Towers

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We are the residents of Hastings Highlands. This is a rural area and we can best be described as a dispersed community. We recognize and appreciate the argument for internet connection.
Most of us prefer a holistic life raising our children in an open and natural environment, some even preferring to live off grid. We are as advocating therefore for minimal cell tower impact with structures every 20km approximately, since one tower can cover 10km+.

Bell Canada is apparently building a cell tower in between two towers that are 16km apart. This area already has a signal and we as a people don’t need more radio frequency waves (RF). This latest tower has been signed and staked without the knowledge of nearby residents. Bell Canada has failed to notify residents living within 300m of the said cell tower.

We are greatly concerned also about the impact on health. Although Health Canada says its Safety Code 6 gives adequate protection, there have not been any studies done to back this up. Indeed, Parliament recently voted for tougher regulations on cell towers. The code was last revised over a decade ago in 1999 (a minor amendment was made in 2009 to correct a statistical error.) Are we being forced to volunteer with our bodies and the bodies of our children to do a study? It is not only people who are affected by radiation. There is a world wide problem with bees, birds and animals. The radio frequency confuses the navigation systems of Bees who cannot find their way home, or to their reproductive places, ultimately dieing from exhaustion, never finishing their life cycle. In short, it affects the whole ecosystem. Canada and United States have the highest exposure allowance levels to RF in the world. Our allowance is 10,000 times higher than that of other countries, i.e. Australia, China, New Zealand Saltzburg.(see
How is this possible? Is our health not important? Are we different people than in other countries? When will Health Canada protect the people of Canada and not the billion dollar telecommunication industry? What it the precautionary principle (to err on the side of caution) and when should it be used. How does Health Canada recommend using the avoidance approach (i.e. hold the cell phone away from your ear) by those living next to or under transmission towers 24 hours per day for years on end?

We are concerned also about property values. It’s a known fact that properties close to cell towers lose about 10-30% value. This is a rural area which means the cell tower really doesn’t need to be close to residential homes.

We are concerned also about how the tower looks. We value our natural surroundings, and an army of cell towers marching across the hills and fields not only disturbs the view in the landscape, it is ugly, highly visible And unnecessary.

We urge the council of Hastings Highlands to protect the residents and taxpayers. To listen to us and make agreeable decision together.

We urge the council of Hastings Highlands to make a by-law regarding future proposed cell towers that they be built only with the full knowledge and participation of residents within a 2km radius.
We urge the council of Hastings Highlands to be sensitive to the natural surroundings and request that cell towers be no closer than 20km apart.

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